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Braquo (Season 4)

Sep 12, 2016 Braquo (Season 4) 8.1/10 50m 11 views
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Braquo is a French crime drama television series created by Olivier Marchal and produced by Capa Drama with the participation of Canal+ in association with Marathon Group, Be-Films and RTBF. It was first broadcast in France from October 12 to November 2, 2009. The first season established a record of audience for an original production of the channel, and has surpassed that of many U.S. productions broadcast by the network. The second season started in Canal+ on November 21, 2011. A third and final season was announced by main actor Jean-Hugues Anglade in 2011. The name of the series comes from the French "braquage" that describes armed robberies, particularly those committed on banks.

Country: France
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